If you’ve got questions that you think might’ve been already asked and answered, here’s a good place to start looking for them!

When is the next book coming out?

Absolutely no idea. Still working on the publishing aspect of things, but stand-by for more news!

Any favorite authors or books to recommend?

Definitely! Like many other people my age, I’m a huge fan of big name authors like Rick Riordan, Veronica Roth, J.R.R. Tolkien, and several more. I also love pretty much every single author who wrote in the 39 Clues series – Peter Lerangis, Gordon Kormon, and Patrick Carmen to name a few. Some of my other favorite authors include Stefanie Gaither, Scott Westerfield, and Margaret Peterson Haddix. My favorite author right now though out of them is all probably Naomi Novik – I can’t put down the Temeraire novels right now. I’d check out any of their work if you want a super fun read across a huge variety of genres.

Why did you write fanfiction?

People hear fanfiction and they think of dirty romances, poorly written slop piles by eleven-year-olds, self-insert fics where the main character is clearly going to get the girl/guy, and a generally unimaginative plot line that just tires out someone else’s characters and world.

Sure. You can think of that when you think of fanfiction.

But do you think of a twisted psychological thriller where a main character is thrown into a parallel universe where his best friend is a crazed murderer who’s madly in love with him and will do anything to keep him from going home? Do you think of an alternate reality where humans are classified into social rankings and the protagonist is struggling against an oppressive society while he’s on the run from an illegal ring of scientists? Do you think of a mystery novel where there are suddenly clones, conspiracies, and con-artists popping up left and right on what was supposed to be a completely normal day?

These sound like the plot lines for amazing new novels. They are also fanfictions.

Incredibly creative people write fanfictions and use fanfiction websites as platforms to figure out if their writing is ready for the real world. They practice crazy writing techniques, throw out storylines I would’ve never thought of, and consistently deliver immersive writing that creates a brand new world from a pre-established one. I’m proud that I’ve written fanfiction in the past – even if they do often end up as romances – and I think that without writing it, I might never have gained the courage to try publishing my own original writing in the first place.