Check out some previews of my writing through short stories and poetry in the following collections.

Caring for the Uncanny

  • Blink Instead of Crying
  • A short story about a young teenager on their last, pre-college babysitting gig - watching over a pair of dolls possessed by the souls of dead children. Originally published in Arcadia University's Quiddity journal.

  • My Gardening Journal - Tales from a Psychic Gardener
  • The bittersweet story of a psychic gardener, tending to their newest chrysanthemum blooms. Originally published in Asimov's Science Fiction literary magazine as the 2021 award-winning story for the Dell Award.

    It Just Is Justice

  • My Dearest Child
  • A poem about a young woman coming to terms with the unwanted life in her womb, and the society telling her she has to. Originally published as the winning poem of the Social Justice contest in Arcadia University's Quiddity journal.

    Other Writing

  • Ae Freislighe - A Spider's Poetry
  • A poem revitalizing an old style of Irish poetry - points if you can catch the line where I broke the style. Originally published as an honorable mention of the National Poetry Month contest in Arcadia University's Quiddity journal.