What’s up everybody?!?! My name’s Genixoku, but pretty much everyone calls me Gen! You can, too! No big deal! You’re here chatting with me for no real reason at all (which is something I do all the time) so I like you already! I hope we’ll be friends after all this.

Hm…although now that I think about it, it might be hard to meet up since I’m inside a simulation…

Oh well! I hardly ever remember I’m in the EON simulation most of the time, anyway! It just feels so real and all my friends are in it with me, so is there really any point in denying it as reality?

Wait, you didn’t come here to hear me ramble about EON. You came to hear me ramble about me! Let’s get going!!


Right! I’m about sixteen right now. I think. I was going to school for kids training to become world leaders since our world is totally apocalyptic right now and all anybody does is destroy each other. At my school, we learned about combat, diplomacy, economics, politics, subterfuge, agriculture, basically anything you can think of that’s needed to run a country or start one from scratch. We were all studying for our final exam: the EON simulation.

I don’t really know how it works. Hidari’s the techie who’s in with all the nurses so he could explain it. And Kenox is just super smart so he probably knows just by virtue of breathing in the same airspace as it. But I think we just got plugged into these machines (literally…I still remember the plugs…) and then our brains were blasted into this new world.

Now we’re trying to make our own countries to see who’ll be the Ultimate King and save the world. I think Kenox can do it! He’s my best friend, by the way. We were split up for a while, but we’re back together again. He’s so good at everything. I know he could save us all.

Hidari’s probably the only thing standing in his way.

Whoops! Got super off track, there, haha. What was I saying?

Oh right! I don’t remember my parents, so I can’t answer that question. Right now, my family is the Chaheptian race I’m ruling over. We all fight a lot and beat each other up and throw parties all the time. That’s family to me!

A defining aspect of my personality…I’m crazy! I’m loud and crazy and I love to laugh and yeah! That’s me! Oh, but I do love to fight, too. Hand-to-hand combat was my only good class in school.

I don’t have a favorite color. I don’t really pay attention to details all that well.

My biggest life problem is that I want to help Kenox finish uniting the continent of Ryohei, but Chahept is so far away that I can’t do much. But he’s got it covered – his empire is doing well and he’s already allied with my kingdom and Hidari’s. And boy, does Hidari have quite the political reach to support him. I just wish I could do more. I think I’ll probably battle the Mihaku Empire for him! That evil empress wants to overthrow Kenox. I won’t let her though!

And for my hobbies, I have but one:

Fighting! Preferably, fighting with Kenox!

That’s all about me! I better go before Masegg yells at me for wasting time again. We’re holding a war council in five minutes, too, and I should probably get to that on time. Seeing as I’m the king and all.

…I hate politics.

Well! See you late, new friend! Hope we can meet up and brawl sometime!