Hello…I don’t know who you are. I don’t know why you’re here. But if you’re here to harm my brother Hidari then you’ve got another thing coming! I’LL END YOU! I’LL-

Oh wait. This paper here says you’re friends with Hidari. Ugh. He madeĀ moreĀ friends? Or as he calls them “allies”? He doesn’t need this many. I wish he would stop devoting time to trade negotiations and political contacts and focus on increasing the strength of our country’s military!

Then again, I’m in charge of the entire military. Hm…maybe I’ll just take a break from defending Hidari sometime and build it up a bit. Nekon should be able to protect him for an hour

Wait, you’re still here? What do you want? Huh? To hear about me? That’s ridiculous. Go meet my brother. He’s way more sociable. Actually, don’t. I don’t want you anywhere near him. You low-lifes shouldn’t be within twenty feet of him.

I’ll answer your questions if it keeps you away from Hidari. Let’s do this.


My name is Migi. Just Migi. I’m fourteen and my twin brother is Hidari, younger than me by about twelve minutes. We were in this stupid school to learn stupid things about saving the world. I don’t really care that much about it. Hidari did all the thinking classes. I did the fighting. We’re a perfect team. And my brother Hidari is a political and economic genius.

We’re stuck in a simulation called EON right now, building our own country. It’s called the Land of Hearts because the stupid country we landed on is shaped like a heart. It was uncivilized before and totally unexplored. It’s Hidari’s kingdom now. He built it into a paradise.

We have the largest market in the world. We have trade routes with almost every sector of EON. Hidari goes personally to meet with his partners, and he’s made wartime alliances with several of them. We invented the first global money exchange system, so now everyone has to come to the Land of Hearts to exchange their money for the currency of any of the countries we trade with. We’re rich and peaceful and everyone loves us.

Well, everyone loves Hidari. He’s kind and caring and optimistic and beautiful. He looks more like the girl out of the two of us than I do. People get our genders mixed up a lot. But don’t let his prettiness fool you – my baby brother is cunning beyond belief. Everything he does has an ulterior motive. Not even that fool Kenox sees it coming.

Oh, I’ve said too much. I won’t tell you anything else about my precious brother! I’ll go back to myself now.

Hm, parents…don’t have ’em. Me and Hidari are orphans.

An aspect of my personality? I’m extremely vicious, sadistic, and cruel to anyone who’s not Hidari.

My favorite color is red. Blood-red. The sight of blood makes me happy.

My biggest life problem is that Kenox keeps coming to meet with Hidari, and I can tell he wants to get Hidari to sign a contract with him that’ll unite our country with his empire. Hidari has refused so far – only a trade alliance and a wartime support agreement was struck. And the war agreement is only because of the Mihaku Empire. I don’t want Kenox getting any closer to Hidari. I don’t trust him. He’s the kind who’ll do anything to win this simulation.

Then again, so is Hidari. And as long as I’m at his side, no one can defeat him.

Hobbies…fighting. Setting up new fighting systems. Hurting anyone who touches Hidari. Building a military. Trying to hide my new torture devices from Hidari since he considers them “inhumane” and doesn’t approve. Trying to keep Hidari from accepting anyone who waltzes onto our shores as a full-citizen of the Land of Hearts.

It’s a struggle. But I’ll do it for him.

And I’ll murder you if you try to go find him after we’re done talking here! You got that? I’LL MURDER YOU! SLICE YOUR HEAD OFF AND FEED IT TO HIDARI’S PET CROCODILE, BLUE! I-

Hidari’s calling me. I’m leaving now.