O-Oh. Um…hi. I have no idea why I’m here. I’m half-concerned that Chiyo is pulling a prank on me and sent me to some kind of parallel demon world. Or Ying is giving me another test and he sent me to a demon world. Even though he’s a teacher…he’d definitely do it. He’s terrifying like that.

Hm? This paper here says I’m not in a demon world. Oh, thank goodness! It looks like I just have to answer some questions to return home. Maybe I’ll make it back before Sephiroth appears tonight. Although…I would almost rather be stuck here than have to fight him off again.

Knowing my luck, I’ll be done here and get sent back to my world the instant before Sephiroth arrives.

…Yeah. I can see that happening.

Well, moping about it won’t change anything. It never does. I’m cursed for eternity and that’s that. Let’s look at these questions, shall we?


My name is Sayuri Takahashi. I’m fourteen years old. My parents just sent me to a school for exorcists instead of the Buddhist temple we’d talked about when I was young. They think I’m too violent for normal schools. I’m not violent! The demons, they…they…well…no one else can see them but me, anyway. It won’t do to rant about them.

I have to run from demons all the time. They know I can see them. So they chase me. Because I end up having to ditch school and I come home covered in bruises and scrapes, my parents sent me to the exorcist school, hoping I’d fit in with the violent delinquents there.

I’m terrified, but I have no choice. I’m here at the exorcist school now, closer to demons than ever before.

Just my luck.

I already sort of told you about my parents. They’re regular people who can’t see the demons. I haven’t seen them in a while. I miss them.

A defining aspect of my personality…well, I’m pretty timid. I’m terrified of the demons all around me and since I acted so weird throughout school because of them, I didn’t ever make friends. So I don’t know how to talk to people, and I’m scared all the time. I’m also very clumsy. I just…I’m thriving. Let’s say that.

My favorite color is pink. It reminds me of my favorite flowers, and flowers relax me. Chiyo brought me some flowers the other day, actually. I’ll thank him later by letting him come to classes with me. If he stays in my bag in his green cat form, no one should notice.

My biggest life problem is going to the exorcist school. Wait, no that’s not true. My biggest problem is Sephiroth. He’s been haunting me since I was a child. He arrives every night around ten and tries to attack me until midnight. I have a lot of scars from his claws and fangs. He usually catches me after a few minutes and just tortures me until he has to leave. No one knows about him but me. And maybe Ying.

My hobbies include summoning Chiyo, missing my home, attempting to be not-socially-awkward around my two friends at the exorcist school, and also attempting to pass my classes instead of screaming and running away as fast as I can.

…Hopefully I’ll get a life soon. Though I seriously doubt it with the way mine has been going so far.

Anyway, that’s all from me. It’s getting late. I really don’t want to go back to Sephiroth, but I can tell he’s about to arrive and I can’t keep you here any longer. 

Goodbye. Thank you for talking to me for a little while.