Hello! Wow, I have literally no clue how I got here, haha! But that’s not really a huge change in pace from my usual state of existence so it’s not so bad, I guess.

Have you seen Lucas around? I’m supposed to give him a report on what I learned about Dynamics today.

Filthy Dynamics. I hate them all. Well, all of them except Abdiel. But he doesn’t count. He’s not normal. Not like the rest of them.

Oh, hold on, there’s a paper here. I’m answering questions? Oh Deus. Is Mrs. Kett giving out another pop quiz?! I swear, she’s trying to get me expelled! And if I get expelled, I’ll have failed Lucas! I can’t do that! I…

Wait, these questions are all about me. Oh! Oh, I’m just answering your questions. Well, that’s a relief! I can totally do that. No big deal on my end. After this, I get to go back home.

Hopefully there’s nothing too personal in here…right?


My name is Yuki Hayashi. I’m a fifteen-year-old Dissident from the Charuzu Republic. Oh, Dissidents are humans who aren’t evolved. We don’t have special powers or weird eye colors like the Dynamics. In the Charuzu Republic, we’re treated horribly by those awful Dynamics. Me and all my friends hate them with a burning passion. Though I have to admit, mine burns a little stronger than most.

Ah, anyway! My…parents…

Do I have to answer this? I…I don’t feel comfortable talking about them with you. Not my parents. Not my little sister. Just…they aren’t here. Leave it at that.

Sorry to bring down the mood there! Uh, let’s see what’s next on the list!

(Hopefully, something safer.)

A defining aspect of my personality! Well, I’m very loyal. That’s pretty defining. I’d follow the people I’ve pledge my loyalty and trust to until the end. Lucas is my absolute leader, and I’ll do anything he says. But I’m also very close to Abdiel, and I would help him in any way that I can. As…as long as it doesn’t go against Lucas.

But that won’t happen, so I should be fine!

My favorite color is green. I’ve always wanted green eyes, little secret for you there. But alas, I am stuck with brown, muddy, orbs of boringness! Is…is that a word? Eh, probably not. Who cares, though?

My biggest life problem is hiding my identity from the Dynamics. See, I’m infiltrating a Dynamic school right now, and if anyone finds out that I’m a Dissident…things will end badly. I have to keep it a secret. And Deus is it hard! Especially when this whole school is focused on using Dynamic powers! I’m having a heck of a time getting out of the situations that creates for me while also hiding my sheer disgust for everyone around me.

Good times!

And now we’re onto hobbies! Hm…

Following Lucas.

Annoying Abdiel.

Robbing Dynamics.

Telling jokes.

Helping others.

…Running from my past.

…That’s all from me! I hope I didn’t scare you off with any of my, ah, moments. I promise I’m usually cheerful all the time! Totally cheerful and totally fine! As long as everyone else is fine, I’m fine!

That’s just how life works, you know?

…Don’t give me that look. I don’t want to hear anything from you.

In any case, Lucas is calling me, so I need to go report to him. I’ll see Abdiel at school tomorrow. He’ll be annoyed to see me, but secretly, I know he’d be happy if he could feel anything other than annoyance.

What I’m saying is that I’ve got a lot on my plate of things to do right now, so I’m booking it outta here! Bye!

And don’t give me that look!